Seasick Sailing Across the Pacific in a Tiny Sailboat, Panama to Ecuador S1E12

After transiting the Panama Canal, Linus, Janna, Sophie, and Daly leave Panama City, Panama to sail across the Pacific in their Island Packet 31’ sailboat to Salinas, Ecuador 700 miles to the south. Headwinds, torrential rains, and engine failures slow their progress. Janna and Sophie are plagued by seasickness and they tack to Esmereldes, Ecuador hundreds of miles north of their destination to refuel and fix a broken furling line. Their reception by the local authorities is not welcoming. This is a great video for anyone thinking of sailing into blue water or doing offshore sailing with kids.

0:09 The best spots at the Balboa Yacht Club in Panama City, Panama
0:38 Gulf of Panama, Sailing with Janna at the Helm
047 Adverse winds and the importance of getting the boat’s westing before going offshore
0:51 Wind chart from
1:00 Panama City from the water
1:16 Jennifer Clark’s Gulfstream current chart for our July 2016 passage
1:40 Sailing by Las Perlas Islands in Panama
1:50 Isla Taboga in Las Perlas
2:20 Linus discusses on day two the rough Punta Mala, Panama overnight passage and strong currents running east to west along the Panama coast.
2:56 We refueled on a barge moored in Cebaco Bay, Panama a remote island west of the southernmost point of Panama, Punta Mala.
3:34 Replacing the broken Hitatchi Alternator with a Balmar 70 amp alternator
4:18 Day 3 of the trip; in the North Pacific Ocean, the earlobe the Pacific by South and Central America
5:50 torrential rain offshore between Panama and Ecuador
6:30 Janna and Sophie are seasick.
7:00 Using the Honda 2000 generators to charge the batteries.
8:15 The jerry can board broke on the port side, and we have fuel cans stored in the cockpit.
9:25 You wish for what you don’t have.
10:00 When will the rain end! Consulting the weather router Dane Clark of Jennifer Clark’s Gulfstream at
11:20 Sunshine on the horizon!
11:50 We tacked towards Esmeraldes, Ecuador, 260 nm far north of our destination to get a better wind angle.
12:05 …then our roller furling line broke!
12:45 Anchored in Esmeraldes, Ecuador
13:02 Kicked out by the Ecuador Coast Guard
14:12 Check out our playlist of the vlog

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